5 Best Cityscape Artists of Nowadays

July 31, 2017

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There are thousands of artists all over the world, and only a very little number of them get the popularity that they deserve. Here you will find five artists whose artworks are beautiful and catchy, because they know how to find something magical in a usual cityscape. Those painters deserve to take top places in your own rating of cityscape masters!

1. Depth Purple by Leonid Afremov

You may find one of the best purple paintings made by this artist , and it deserves the first place in this list. The canvas depicts a silent night that is generously illuminated by warm window lights. The central building seems to stand on the bridge, and it looks tremendous. Mirrored in the still water of the pond, it is surrounded by the colorful reflections of the night sky creating a very special ambience.

2. Venetian Sunrise by Robert Finale

This painter depicted one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice. For centuries, it has been considered the center of love and art. A beautiful bridge unites two sides of the street as if tying lovers’ hands together. The buildings are small and cozy, and they are richly decorated with flowers that give a fresh breath to the city. Everything is painted in calm hues without stark contrasts, and purple shades prevail here as well as light brown ones.

3. Lyon by Monica Edulesco

This varicolored city has always attracted a great number of tourists that you can observe on this canvas. They are strolling down a broad prospect and there are no cards to hinder their movement, so they are free to go anywhere they want. Every house in this region is painted in a peculiar hue, and you may notice that they aren’t repeated. This can give you some inspiring ideas of your own for coloring your lodgment in amazing shades like that!

4. Tourists by Debra Hurd

Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out of the house in a gloomy mood, and you can get plenty of positive emotions even during a stroll under heavy rain. This beautiful canvas shows two friends that aren’t afraid of nasty weather. They feel totally safe, warm and comfortable under their umbrellas. The images are so vague since they are blurred by streams of water pouring down from the sky. Because of that, you can’t distinguish the silhouettes of other people on the roadside, but you feel that the girls in the center are happy with their tour.

5. College Road Rawalpindi by Asrar Farooqi

If you like purple sky, painting by this Pakistan-based artist will amuse you with clear images of varicolored small buildings lined up along the street against a sunset-lit background. There are just a few people walking here and there, and you can see the city as it is, without getting distracted by observing its inhabitants. The purple sky seems to swallow everything else in the scenery, and its purity wraps the entire city in a romantic aura.

This painter depicted one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice. For centuries, it has been considered the center of love and art.