5 Completely Bizarre Fashion Trends

July 31, 2017

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Gluing A Uni-brow On Your Head

In ancient Greece, there was nothing more unattractive than a woman with two clearly separated eyebrows on her head. If a woman wanted to show complexity and beauty, she needed a long, black, caterpillar-like line of hair widening across her brow.

According to early Greeks, unibrows were the sexiest decoration that a woman could attire. Women wiped black powder on the hair between their eyebrows to make it stand out and look as full as possible.

If a girl was unsuccessful enough to be born without any hair between her eyes, she would make do. Some would rub black dust between their brows. Others coloured goat hair black, wiped some tree resin on the back, and attached it to their heads.

0.6 Meters (2 Ft) Tall High Heels

In the mid Ages, Florence was the style capital of the world. There, the ladies pulled out every stop to make sure that they looked good. No trend, however, compared to the self-respect and beauty of wearing chopines, platform shoes with huge wooden heels that were occasionally more than 0.6 meters (2 ft) tall.

The appearance became so popular that it spread to men, too. Since people were basically walking on stilts, getting around was pretty hard. But Florence’s fashionistas made do by hobbling with canes.

Most people outside of Florence thought that the look was bizarre. Some even named it “sinfully vain.” The church, though, begrudgingly accepted it. At the very least, they accepted that wearing chopines kept women from dancing-and that, after all, was the worst sin of all.

Dropping Poison In Your Eyes

Nightshade is one of the most poisonous plants in the world. If you drop a little of its poison into someone’s drink, you can send them directly into a coma. If you add a little further, you can kill them. In Renaissance Italy, though, women poured it straight into their eyes.

The Italians called it belladonna (“the beautiful lady”) because a drop of poison in your eyes would widen your pupils, making it look like you were permanently awakened.

It also blurred your vision and faster your heart rate. If you used too much of it, you can go blind. Still, that was a small price to pay to look good.

Socks With Sandals

Ancient Rome brought us the most bizarre fashion of all: socks with sandals. Despite the prohibitions of modern life, our earlier families went out confidently and proudly wearing open-toe sandals with socks under.

This isn’t something we learned easily. It took ages of work by many teams of archaeologists and historians, all dedicated toward finally determining the kind of footwear combinations that the Romans used. Now we finally have “unequivocal evidence” that they wore socks under their sandals.

The socks were spun from wool and went all the way up to the lap. Then the Romans would combine the look with open-toe sandals. Apparently, wearing sandals without socks is a comparatively new miracle.

Blackening Your Teeth

Recently, women in Japan took dentistry in a different way. They decided that tooth decay is one of the best looks out there. So if a woman’s teeth weren’t dropping out on their own, she’d paint them black.

Japanese women have been blackening their teeth for so long that we aren’t sure when or why they started doing it. At the very least, by about AD 900, women were painting their teeth black. Shortly after, men started doing it, too.

The Japanese mixed hot water, sake, and red-hot iron in a pot and let it sit for five days. A black sum would rise to the top, which they would pickle off and scrub on their teeth.

5 Tips on Choosing Wall Decor For Your Kitchen

July 31, 2017

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Being one of the most important rooms in your home where the entire family gets together to enjoy a freshly cooked meal and a friendly talk, kitchen too needs to be beautifully furnished and decorated. Whether you choose to achieve this by showing off your grandma’s favorite dishes or going all sleek and trendy with a few colorful modern art paintings, you can’t just blow it off. Here are some nice wall decor ideas you can use to make your kitchen cozier.

1. Use more colors

The classic option is to paint your kitchen sterile-white. But that will hardly make it very hospitable-looking. Go for a warmer feel by adding bright color accents to emphasize illumination, seating or countertops. You don’t necessarily have to stick with just one color – use different combinations that play well together.

2. Play with textures

Another way to create variety in your kitchen is to use different kinds of texture. Putting up textured curtains or having your seats upholstered with a textured material will immediately change the look of your interior. You can even pick textured wallpapers to add visual weight to the walls.

3. Hang shelves

Shelves perform two important functions in your interior: serving as wall decor and offering more space for storing your utensils. If there is some spare space on your wall, hang a few shelves and arrange a display of your best dishes or cute souvenirs to make your kitchen more eye-friendly.

4. Add a backsplash

Backsplash is a panel placed behind the stove or the sink to protect your walls. Using a backsplash that is different in color and look as the rest of the walls is a great way to break the monotony of your kitchen design.

5. Use a painting

The effect of wall art shouldn’t be underestimated even if we are talking about your kitchen. You can refresh your kitchen walls by hanging a series of decorative wooden panels, a wall sculpture or simply a canvas painting. Traditionally, it is considered that the best genre for decorating a kitchen is still life, but you can use a serene-looking landscape or a vibrant cityscape instead. Consider the color palette and general design style of your kitchen to make the right choice. It’s up to you to pick a classical style or go for one of a fresher-looking contemporary art paintings

The classic option is to paint your kitchen sterile-white. But that will hardly make it very hospitable-looking. Go for a warmer feel by adding bright color accents to emphasize illumination, seating or countertops. You don’t necessarily have to stick with just one color – use different combinations that play well together.

Choose Your Dream Job After Completing a Film Making Course

July 31, 2017

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This is one of those industries, which is currently in a boom. There are a plenty of career options and students from any background can join these courses. Film making generally comprises o certain, in accordance with the type of work. A great film making course may include the following:

Production: There are plenty of schools who are providing courses on production. They are taking live workshops in many production houses in Mumbai. So a producer must learn all the basic of film making before indulging in that very industry. Some are giving opportunities for the young talents to grow. And this that type of industry, where you will definitely flourish if you have talents.

Directing: This is as important aspect of film making. Without a great director, it is never possible to deliver a great movie. There are some best acting schools in Mumbai, who also provides cinema Direction course for the students to be the best. Directing is a great career option for all the young film makers out there. These classes will provide enough guide from some of the renowned artists in the industry, for the best possible development of the students.

Script writing: The script of a film is quite like the blue print design of a building or an outline sketch made by a painter before making the painting itself.There are some great schools who offers the best possible script writing courses. Starting from TV script writing to Film script writing, everything is taught in a perfectly organized manner. A student can always opt for a Diploma in Script Writing course for the best career options. After joining, a student will get to learn about how to write script and become a professional writer for the industry.

So, it can be well concluded that, film making courses have a lot of career options. One just have to choose it wisely to become a professional. If someone decides to do something in this industry, they should opt for the best course and join the best film making school. As it is a question of career, joining a professional is very much important. So, are one of them who currently is still deciding about their careers, it is much recommended to op for the film making courses, as it cover a wide array of subjects and one can choose any professional designation they want. Starting from acting to script writing, the school offers it all. If you want to join a school, join the best.

Is a Portfolio Really Require For Modelling?

July 31, 2017

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Why is portfolio required:

A portfolio is an important tool for a model to gain qualified work. It is a collection of professionally shot images that is eventually your visual modeling CV used to promote your skills and abilities in front of the camera. Although specialized images are not needed to apply to agencies a portfolio is something that they will need to market you in the future and you can use to market yourself to freelance opportunities. It is almost impossible to be put forward for or apply to castings without portfolio, as agents and casting directors will want to see that you have the confidence, experience and great ability in front of the camera before offering you paid work.

What are the various kind of portfolio:

Digital Portfolio & Printed Portfolio

What is a digital portfolio?

Your digital portfolio is a disk having your chosen images from the shoot. When purchasing digital images, you are paying for the copyrights. If you are purchasing any portfolio with Fashion Photography Mumbai whether it is digital, printed or an e-Folio, you will need to pay for the rights to use the images first. Having your images on disk also means that you don’t need to worry about them ever getting damaged or lost as you can download them straight to your computer. They can also be used over and over again as you can email them to agencies or clients to promote yourself, unlike prints where you only receive one copy. They also allow additional retouching, resizing and cropping where you or your agency sees fit.

What is a printed portfolio?

Your printed portfolio is a book of 10-20 A4 fully colored images. This book is what you will take along to castings and to model agency interviews to show them your modeling experience and what you are capable of in front of the camera. Just like your digital images your printed portfolio is a collection of professional images that need to say something about you, this is why on the day of the shoot one of our professional image consultants will work with you to select the strongest shots and make sure that you have a good selection of all looks.

What is a good portfolio? or What types of pictures should a model’s portfolio contain?

A portfolio should showcase the type of work you want to do, not so much the type of work you have done and are no longer doing. It should be narrowly focused to show that the model can be very good at modelling in a few related genres. A good combination might be fashion, beauty, commercial, and swim wear. There is no reason a model can’t create multiple portfolios targeted for specific genres. Some models will argue that they want to put in a little of everything to showcase their versatility. That model probably works better for models targeting photographers as clients. Models who want to target agencies, casting directors, and commercial clients should show only their strongest images in specific categories. Any weak images will weaken the entire portfolio.

Examples of bad model’s portfolio include:

Same outfit in different poses.

Different outfit in the same location.

All pictures done by one or two photographer.

Unretouched images showing flaws.

Poorly shot photos of model in no name runway fashion shows.

Personal snapshots such as photos from a wedding or any photos which include non models.

Examples of good model’s portfolio for agency models:

Beauty shot.

Natural light shots.

Full length fashion shot in front of seamless paper.

Swimsuit shot but not one of the model standing in the woods miles from water.

Tear sheets but not webzines. If no one has heard of it, don’t use it.

Very light makeup shot or no makeup shot if the model can pull it off.

At least one picture pairing model with another model.

Editorial shots.

Sexy but tasteful lingerie shots. Think La Perla, not Frederick’s of Hollywood.

For commercial portfolios:

A very strong head shot.

Shots showing model interacting or playing a role.

Shots showing model conveying a mood or message.

Interaction shots with other models or objects.

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5 Best Cityscape Artists of Nowadays

July 31, 2017

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There are thousands of artists all over the world, and only a very little number of them get the popularity that they deserve. Here you will find five artists whose artworks are beautiful and catchy, because they know how to find something magical in a usual cityscape. Those painters deserve to take top places in your own rating of cityscape masters!

1. Depth Purple by Leonid Afremov

You may find one of the best purple paintings made by this artist , and it deserves the first place in this list. The canvas depicts a silent night that is generously illuminated by warm window lights. The central building seems to stand on the bridge, and it looks tremendous. Mirrored in the still water of the pond, it is surrounded by the colorful reflections of the night sky creating a very special ambience.

2. Venetian Sunrise by Robert Finale

This painter depicted one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice. For centuries, it has been considered the center of love and art. A beautiful bridge unites two sides of the street as if tying lovers’ hands together. The buildings are small and cozy, and they are richly decorated with flowers that give a fresh breath to the city. Everything is painted in calm hues without stark contrasts, and purple shades prevail here as well as light brown ones.

3. Lyon by Monica Edulesco

This varicolored city has always attracted a great number of tourists that you can observe on this canvas. They are strolling down a broad prospect and there are no cards to hinder their movement, so they are free to go anywhere they want. Every house in this region is painted in a peculiar hue, and you may notice that they aren’t repeated. This can give you some inspiring ideas of your own for coloring your lodgment in amazing shades like that!

4. Tourists by Debra Hurd

Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out of the house in a gloomy mood, and you can get plenty of positive emotions even during a stroll under heavy rain. This beautiful canvas shows two friends that aren’t afraid of nasty weather. They feel totally safe, warm and comfortable under their umbrellas. The images are so vague since they are blurred by streams of water pouring down from the sky. Because of that, you can’t distinguish the silhouettes of other people on the roadside, but you feel that the girls in the center are happy with their tour.

5. College Road Rawalpindi by Asrar Farooqi

If you like purple sky, painting by this Pakistan-based artist will amuse you with clear images of varicolored small buildings lined up along the street against a sunset-lit background. There are just a few people walking here and there, and you can see the city as it is, without getting distracted by observing its inhabitants. The purple sky seems to swallow everything else in the scenery, and its purity wraps the entire city in a romantic aura.

This painter depicted one of the most romantic cities in the world – Venice. For centuries, it has been considered the center of love and art.

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Embroidery Logo Digitizing

July 31, 2017

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Quality is essential in embroidery market. By looking at the internet portfolio supplied by a business, you can analyze their quality very easily. There’s no way in which the quality of work is going to be compromised whenever you have hired a provider especially for this use.

All you’ll have to do is place in the plan and watch the machine embroider it. You’re able to edit the plan at this point if there’s something to be edited. If your design isn’t digitized properly, the sew-out quality won’t ever be good too. At the exact same time, if you’re searching for an affordable but creative design, then this is the very best procedure to meet your relevant wants and requirements in a very convenient way. Even though the vector-based graphics now are largely used in a number of unique fields like printing and crafting etc..

Bear in mind, when you decide on the business that you are likely to utilize for your present project, you might still wish to comparison shop each time you have another embroidery pattern digitized. A business which provides affordable digitizing pricing and substantial quality digitizing really isn’t the dream company for you. Some companies will supply a speedy turnaround (starting at 24 hours). Trying to find a very best embroidery digitizing company may be hectic endeavor. Nearly all of the known businesses provide digitization that’s a process employed in turning your work of art into a specific format that the embroidery machine would have the capacity to read thereby giving the most unique method of giving gifts. There are lots of businesses that are providing digitizing services.

The major consideration in deciding on the sort of fabric is contingent upon the kind of embroidery you’re performing. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that regardless of what size your specific design holds, you just need to focus these exceptional file formats as a way to acquire the remarkable outcomes regarding exceeding quality, exclusive price and remarkable excellence. It is a fantastic truth that you can enlarge such files to any extent together with make them tiny as required while operating extra-large and extremely tiny designs in distinct fields.

You should be sure to provide a crystal clear art work wherein they’ll be in a position to differentiate the shades from one another so as to find the ideal work. It means that you could devote that time to advertise your company and bring new clients. Together with that, you’re getting lots of spare time too. You ought not waste any opportunity to hire such a provider. So you may sell all sorts of things. Do as it will show them which you offer quite a few solutions. It’s the ideal place to offer your stuff should you be moving into a new location, or whether you are making your location renovated

5 Great Jester Decor Ideas

July 31, 2017

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Every person has happy days as well as sad ones, but sometimes we just need to life up our mood no matter what. There are a lot of ways to entertain oneself, and here you will find a few ideas on how to make your apartment more comfortable and cheerful using… circus-inspired decor elements! As a kid, you probably loved going to the circus full of unusual, magical things and of course jesters and clowns. These people have always been considered funny, so you can expect that adorning your living room with jester paintings will give it the desired spirit of freedom and festivity. So, let going to have some fun, shall we?

A traditional holiday decoration, a Mardi Gras door wreath can be used to spruce up your interior design on any day. In case you have never seen such wreaths, it is a fancy mask adorned with varicolored ribbons and bead necklaces. The most commonly used colors are violet and green, so make sure they are in line with the palette of your apartment.

2. You can add a note of festive mood to your place by decorating it with jester dolls. They come in different sizes and appearances and can be made of various materials, including wood, porcelain and plastic. A figurine like that will surely give you positive emotions and make you smile each time you see it!

3. A Jester Venetian Mask will amuse those who like carnivals and adore Venice as a city that allows us to celebrate this feast. If you have ever been to a carnival, you know how different they may be, ranging from simple and cheap to exclusive and extravagant. If you adorn the walls of your living room with this jester face painting accessory, the feeling of holiday will always accompany you.

4. Vintage joker playing cards will make a nice decor item for you if you are willing to add something extravagant to your interior. Arrange these fancy cards on the table or even use them as a part of your wall decor to create a peculiar atmosphere in your room. But beware, your guest may take you for a gambler, so you should think if this is ok with you.

5. A vibrant jester painting, (painted by famous modern impressionist Leonid Afremov), is a wonderful solution for those who like bright canvases and want to add more color to their interior design. Such picture, with rich palette and impeccable style, will fit into any interior design. However, due to the abundance of bright hues, it will look better on a plain wall in pastel shades. The surreal image of a jester with three trumpets looks eye-catching and bold, and the vivid kaleidoscopic background will quickly improve your mood!

Five Paintings With Horses That Will Inspire You to Win

July 31, 2017

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At all times, horses have helped humans in their life making our daily routine easier and safer. Armed with a rifle and a sharp knife, native American cowboys were doing their usual work, and they would have been able to do it properly without horses. Nowadays technical progress has put these gracious animals aside, and we can see them only in the country and on racing competitions. If you like watching this amazing sport, you can choose a fancy painting that conveys this competing spirit to decorate your walls. Here you will find five impressive canvases depicting races that will look great in your home.

1. Native Raiser by Leonid Afremov

This canvas depicts a moment when two horses are running practically at the same speed and you can’t tell who will be the winner. There are other jockeys in the picture, and they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to score an advantage and take the lead. Over the years, Leonid Afremov has developed a style that can be called his native; knife paintings by this artist, are always colorful, emotional and very peculiar.

2. Date with Destiny by Denise Finney

When you look at this painting, you can literally feel the speed of movement because the jokey hops off the saddle. It seems that if horse starts running even a bit faster, the man will fall. Every muscle of this enduring animal works properly and you can enjoy their ideal shape. The horse’s number is one and, once you see this immense energy, you believe this is really true.

3. The Race by Alan Kirkland-Roath

Here you can observe three jockeys that are trying hard to win the race. They have left others far behind and you can feel the tension of upcoming victory. The horses’ nostrils are wide open and they are breathing heavily, but the colorfully dressed jockeys keep pushing them forward to become the only champion in this fervent competition.

4. June by Linda Slater

This beautiful painting depicts a very tense jockey and his determined horse that are heading to the finish line as one single organism. There aren’t any competitors within their reach, and this tremendous animal will definitely win the race. The horse’s mane is fluttering in the wind, and the speed sends adrenalin rushing in your veins.

5. Gio Ponti by Robert Clark

This canvas is so carefully painted that it seems to be made by a skilled photographer. The horse depicted here is in a perfect shape, and the jockey has no need to use his whip to make the animal run faster. The sun is illuminating the horse and the bushes in the background, and this seems to be the best day for a glorious victory.

When you look at this painting, you can literally feel the speed of movement because the jokey hops off the saddle. It seems that if horse starts running even a bit faster, the man will fall. Every muscle of this enduring animal works properly and you can enjoy their ideal shape.

Tips To Look For The Pioneering Salsa Tanz Institutes

July 31, 2017

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When you make up your mind to learn Salsa, it becomes highly imperative to consider the most crucial aspects. Taking admissions in the top institute and seeking professional support from experts is the first thing to do. You will need to look for the pioneering Salsa Institute and choose effective and targeted course options.

It is right here that you need, targeted and useful tips, helping you find the leading Salsa Tanz institute. Check out the following points as they help you get in touch with professional trainers working at the top Salsa school.

How to look for the best institute?

When it comes to identifying the top Salsa training school, you should assess the available options and choose the best amongst them. The team of trainers, workshops, competitive events, resources, and availability of courses are the prime parameters of selection. Make sure you evaluate these factors and take admissions in the most reputed and reliable institute.

1.The training staff

Salsa training requires professional expertise, in-depth knowledge of the dance form, and years of practice. Quite naturally, none other than professional trainers will possess all these qualities. While looking for the Salsa training institute, make sure you take a look at the faculty teaching there. That will help you paint a picture of the training programs and courses.

2.Availability of resources

Does your chosen Salsa Institute offer spacious rooms and dancing halls? Do they have specific provisions that help you participate in competitive events? Finding answers to these questions will prove to be of paramount significance. If you get positive replies for all these questions, it’s the right institute you are dealing with. Make sure your chosen institute has enough space, technical aids, and state-of-the-art facilities for professional Salsa dance.

3.The course options

The pioneering Salsa school will always have a multitude of course options for learners. Depending on your aptitude and Salsa dancing skills, the leading institute can offer introductory, advanced, and special courses. You can also participate in workshops and receive special Salsa training from highly skilled and world-famous Salsa trainers.

4.Checking the ambience

Before finalizing your choice, make it a point to check the environment in the institute. Some of the leading Salsa training schools train their students in a friendly and cordial ambience. That promotes participation and helps students shed their inhibitions and simply go for it. It’s also imperative to share a great rapport with your trainer, as that’s the key to comprehensive Salsa training.

5.Class schedules

While some of the learners might wish to participate in competitive events, some of them might just look for fun and entertainment. The top training institute should have perfect timings for every student. Leading Salsa schools offer flexible timings in the evenings thus helping office goers master this splendid dance style.

With careful consideration of these crucial aspects, you can identify the top Salsa training institutes in Zurich. By offering professional training, knowledge, and exceptional Salsa Kurse Zurich, the pioneering institutes will enthrall its students. Follow these tips and get in touch with the best institute today!

Digital Printing in NC – Know Its Impact on Your Business Marketing Campaign

July 31, 2017

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In this digital era, there are many more effective options to advertise your business in and around NC than before. Recent success stories of local businesses have confirmed digital printing in NC to be a favorite tool for thriving marketing campaigns. However, some small to medium businesses are still not aware of its impact and wondering how digital printing in Winston Salem, NC can serve their business marketing prospects better than traditional offset printing.

Digital printing in NC is the process of creating a smooth and vibrant looking digital image on paper, cloth or fabric to support the cause of marketing. Every day, local residents gather plenty of information regarding brands and products via custom printed flyers, brochures and business cards even without their knowledge. This information is cleverly passed on to them via direct mail, banners, logos, outdoor and indoor signs, etc. The use of digital printing in NC service makes it possible as well as productive.

For small and medium business owners in Winston Salem, NC, an innovative marketing approach is crucial. Most of them now prefer to have a blend of both print and digital message in their marketing plan. The use of digital printing for direct mail campaign and building business presence in social media are the best examples of their growing preference. While bringing these two marketing options together, digital printing in Winston Salem, NC allows businesses to earn the best visibility and profitability.

Digital printing in NC is an inexpensive form of business marketing that yields long term results. Unlike the temporary effect of a short commercial, every outdoor sign in NC will work to grab attention of customers for many years. Outdoor marketing done with the help of printing in Winston Salem, NC companies will cost much less than television commercials, radio advertising and newspaper advertising.

If you are looking to start your next marketing venture, consider the option of digital printing in NC which includes visual stimulation to stick faster and longer with consumers. Digital prints are an effective way for every business to appeal to NC population and grab their attention, resulting in marketing advantage. So, digital printing technology should be used to target maximum number of locals by giving them something worthy to see and remember for longer.

Digital printing has great impact on your business marketing. It can help shape up success of your NC business marketing in the following ways:

1. When used in direct mail campaigns, it ensures quick and perfect exposure for your brand. With the help of a digital printing in NC company, you can personally approach your customers and improve your chance of getting response.

2. It induces proven marketing results when used in the form of postcards or business cards. The effect of such items is much higher than email marketing which can ultimately result in business growth.

3. It has many time-saving and cost-saving options to custom print materials for marketing use. Not only large amount of digital prints can be produced in the fastest possible time but also large savings can be made by NC businesses to pursue their sales and marketing campaign.

If you are thinking to revive your direct mail marketing with engaging and high quality images, digital printing in Winston Salem, NC service is the solution. To start realizing marketing advantage of digital printing services, contact professional print company in this area.